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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Doppel Looper

To a select few of you readers, today's title should make you smile. For the rest of you, the term is Dutch for twice around the Drives. It is a term that has fallen out of favor of late.

This morning's workout was adapted from Greg McMillan's idea of a "fast finish long run". Here you do a 14+ mile run and finish the last 3 to 10 miles averaging marathon pace. This fit well into my plans, as I need more time running at marathon pace. The Drives are a good place for such a workout. Its a very nice run but sadly has become old hat for many of us in the local running community from years and years of running it. So most of the time the Drives become our base as we improvise routes into Fairmount Park and beyond. But today I stuck to the base loop as it has measured miles.

One loop around "the Drives" - MLK and Kelly Drives to be exact - is almost 8.5 miles. I timed 8 miles of the first time around in a bit under 64 minutes and enjoying the time I got to hear Ryan Adams' album "Gold" on the iPod, a really phenomenal piece of music. I then dropped the iPod off in the car and took off for the second time - shooting for 8 miles at a 6:07 clip - the pace for a 2:40 marathon. It took some effort (obviously) but it wasn't hard. Its still hard to imagine running 26 miles like this, but I didn't have to do that today. I just had to do 8, which I finished in 48:43. So one more indicator that 2:40 is a realistic time to shoot for at Boston.

Speaking of Boston, I found out my number yesterday. 1150. Not too shabby.

Total of 17 miles in 2:02:54.


Blogger Quinto Sol said...

Just stay by Lance's side. I predict he will drop another 5 minutes from his PR :-)

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