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Friday, March 21, 2008

Change of Pace

Windy again today, and a bit colder. Glad I don't have to run tempo or anything foolish like that.

Met up with Deirdre at around the South St. Bridge and made up a route as we went along. Deirdre was more focused on running a route that would maximize potential for wind blockage. I realize that she must be a little over half the weight I am, so the wind would effect her much more.

Our run ended up taking us around the reservoir by the Smith Playground and the Edgely fields, over the SMB Bridge and onto the fire roads on the Belmont Plateau. Our success at wind avoidance seemed marginal, but I got to run in alot of places I don't get to very often.

That and I saw my first blooming daffodils of the year this morning.

The company was good, which made the run go faster than the 1:42 that I was out there. That was important on a day like today, when conditions were just plain uncomfortable. As always, Deirdre quickened my pace, and in the absence of gmapping it (don't have time this morning) I'm calling it a conservative 12.5 miles.


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