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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Day Late...

and a couple of reps short.

A combination of rain and feminine wiles kept me from running this morning. My legs, however, felt fine so I packed my kit and took it to work with me. It was clear when I went to the ARC to change, raining lightly when I re-emerged to head over to Franklin Field, and pouring when I started my reps - 8 to 10 times 800 (400m recovery) with a target of 2:40.

Yes, I was being stubborn today, stubborn to the point where I might regret it. But I wanted to get this workout in. My various measures indicate that I'm down to about 2:40 marathon shape, and I wanted to see if I could hold a 2:40 clip on a set of Yasso 800s.

So, in the pouring rain I kicked out 2:40; 2:39; 2:40; 2:40; 2:41 and then, at the start of the sixth rep, the security guard indicates they're closing the track due to lacrosse practice. I took that as the final sign from a benevolent god that I should not be running anymore. So I ran the sixth/last rep as hard as I could for a 2:42 and called it a day.

Had I done more they would likely have gotten uglier. I don't know how the rain impacted my running, I don't suppose it made me any faster. Legs feel fine right now. Not getting much mileage in sofar this week, but I'm rolling with things. We'll see how things go tomorrow. 'Bout all I can do.

8 miles total, no composite time.


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