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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


After taking yesterday off, I got back out into this mild, gray morning and ran the first figure 8 of Spring through the Tinicum refuge. Better known as the Tenicum. Ten miles door to door with nary a traffic light or a road crossing.

One of the best runs of the year. The spring fever was epidemic. Going through the car wash section, everything was green and the sounds of birds were everywhere. The ground was springy, not muddy, giving a bounce that felt like I was getting as much energy back from the path as I was pounding into it. Having a south wind at my back didn't hurt the cause either. The Tinicum Track Club was out beating through the bushes. One of several Northern Shoveler ducks was running on water and flapping its wings like an airplane upon takeoff. But the best wildlife sighting of the morning was three wild turkeys who slowly sauntered across the path in the woodsy part as I was approaching, and were maybe ten feet into the woods when I passed them. I stopped and checked them out for about 30 seconds, never having seen wild turkeys this close. A tom and two hens.

No more worrying about my fitness, so all that leaves is to go out and run for the enjoyment of it. That's what this morning was about.


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