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Friday, March 28, 2008

Black Cat Mojo

Wrote a few days back of a black cat crossing my path.

Yesterday afternoon, after coming back from the track, the instep area on my left foot started to hurt when I walked or otherwise put weight on it. This lasted into last night. Its a weird kind of pain, can't tell if its muscle or bone; no swelling etc.; can't really reproduce it by flexing or anything else but when I get up and walk its there. It felt fine this morning when I got up but then I went down the stairs and that reactivated it. Its not debilitating, just nagging at this point.

So I took the day off. I want to see about getting some walking in later, just to evaluate how its doing. Whether or not I run tomorrow is going to be game day decision.

Leave it to the English prof to come up with the ultimate six-word piece of literature. I'm glad I didn't know of that before my effort at a six-word "memoir" yesterday.

I guess I also know a bit how you feel right now, Joseph, re. foot pain, inactivity and an upcoming race. Good luck to you tomorrow. You've worked hard to prep for this race and if the justice in this universe lines up behind you then you should do very well. I'll be rooting for you.


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