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Sunday, March 30, 2008

20 Miler #4 - The Hay Is In the Barn!

The hay is in the barn. I get to say that once... tops, twice a year. It means that marathon training is done and all that's left is the taper. No matter what I do I won't get any fitter for Boston. The phrase always rolls off of my tongue, as I'm usually sick and tired of training by this point. This year is no different. I told Deirdre that I have a ten-mile a day habit that I am all too happy to shed. The hay is in the barn.

Ran down to Deirdre's, we ran all over the place in an un-gmappable course with a little South Philly, some Cobbs Creek, some Lansdowne Sycamore, and then back to Penn campus, where we parted ways and I did an Art Museum loop to finish things. We ended up on some paths we had to double back on, did a few parts twice; that and other things would have made a messy map. So I figured I'd run for 2:45 and call it, conservatively, 20 miles. The company made the run alot easier, and the weather was sunny and chill as well. Legs were really hurting by 2 hours, just like I wanted. Total time out was 2:47:11.

It's been a good training cycle and I'll reflect more on it soon. In the meantime, I look forward to waking up tomorrow without my ten-mile monkey riding me.


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