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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bad Liver & a Broken Heart

The entry title is from a song off of the new Hayes Carll cd. Kevin told me too late on Friday that Carll gave a free concert just down the street at World Cafe Live, and though I missed the show it pushed me to download the cd. Carll's first two cd's have served me well on many a past run, and this cd promises the same.

Yesterday's run was an 8.5 miler (in 66:44) around the drives with Ryan (Ryan gives details of our far-ranging conversation). Uneventful except for Ryan's good company. In memory of Ian we took the ramp up to Strawberry Mansion Bridge and then back down to MLK to get in a gratuitous hill. I started running with Ryan about when Ian left, which begs for some kind of circle of life metaphor. Saw various other folks out there as well, and I got the opportunity to brag about my trip to Tortola as well as to come out of a month of self-imposed running exile.

Today it was me and Carll taking a run out to the Lansdowne Sycamore. The old girl was in fine shape, showing off her summer leaves for the 300-somethingth time. The run started out cool and sunny and ended hot and sunny. Summer is upon us.

Legs still feel very sluggish on the outset and get more oomph as the runs go along. I guess thats the pattern I'll be living with for awhile.

I took the time to update my log as I wrote this entry. Got a bunch of new music. Now it gets regular again with the running (and the writing). One day down... a good start.


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