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Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Bye

Before I start about my run, I'll put it out there. Reba and I broke up recently. Its been a wonderful relationship with many great memories. Among other things, she was the only partner I've ever had with whom I could share running. But ultimately our shared love of running... and our shared love overall, wasn't enough to keep us together. The parting was amiable, but I'll miss her. Hell, I already miss her.

So the next few weeks will be tough. As a byproduct of this, I expect I'll have fuel to burn up running. I imagine myself as one of those cars that runs on french fry grease. All the emotional crap I go through just congeals into a tub which I then pour into my engine and just go.

Today's run took me through Tinicum. Circumstances, in the form of car repairs (a sordid story I'll spare you), took me to Essington Ave and while the car was being worked on I put on my shoes and ran the few miles out to the north end of Tinicum. I hit Darby Lake and immediately saw three large turtles laying out in the mid-morning sun. Goldfinches, swallows, warblers, a red-tailed hawk and other birds escorted me along the way. I raced a sleek woodchuck who actually gained on me before bailing off to the side of the path. And the flowers were blues and purples.

I don't imagine I'll be making it down to Tinicum much anymore, so I guess this morning was good-bye. 10.5 miles in 86:31.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seebo man, sorry to hear it. Break-ups, even when amicable and mutual, still suck. However, you sound like--at least in your tone--like you're trying to deal w/ it in a thoughtful and reflective manner. Best of luck to you. Seriously.

PS: I'm going to be in Philly the second week of July. Will you be around?

7:55 AM  

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