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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Run

I woke up and did it again. Went out west this time and, for the second Sunday in a row, wished the Lansdowne Sycamore a happy Sunday.

Interesting tradeoff in that the longer I were to sleep this morning the hotter my run would be. I split the difference and got out at about 8:30. It took about 45 minutes before I could feel the weather getting hotter. Run went slow until I passed 58th St. on Kingsessing and, for my sins, started to feel a surge. I took it home at a noticeably faster clip but still finished 3 1/2 minutes slower than I did last week.

Another thought along those lines I had was that there is an inverse relationship between degree of difficulty and distance to finish. In other words, the closer I got to being done the harder the run became. There has to be some interesting corollaries to this.

Alas, such is the stuff that bounces around in my head when I leave the iPod home. Now that I'm done and had a shower, a half gallon of Gatorade, and several plates of Nutella-strawberry crepes, life is again good. Adding to that is a cd playing by A Lady in Red, which is Maricela's band. Poppy-folky with exuberance and excellent harmonies, all original material. Remarkably good. But don't take my word for it; email me (especially any music industry types; email address is in my profile) and I'll send you some of their stuff.

I got 50 miles in this week. Not quite the 70 I set out to do, but 9 more than I did last week. I'll take it. Tomorrow starts a week of figuring out how to get my runs in and get Tony to school. Early to bed and early to rise I suppose. The good part is that this is the last full week of this. Always something.

10 miles on this route in 87:02.


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