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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Key to the Highway

You know I didn't feel so bad, till the sun went down...
Didn't have a soul to throw my lovin' arms around.
Son House

Ran into the sunset this evening fueled by the blues. Delta blues, served up by John Mooney. Raw and unadulterated. It kept me going.

And that was all I was looking to do. I stayed up halfway into this morning watching episodes from season 4 of The Wire. I did this by making myself a deal that I would run this evening. This was a deal that should have been made at a crossroads, as temps were still deep into the 80s when, with a bellyful of chicken pot pie, I laced up my shoes and set out at 7:30.

I felt really sluggish and the air just weighed me down. Heat, humidity and a good dose of pollen. By the time I hit MLK Drive I was already using my Boston run as an example of how I could make it through anything. Then I turned that around and figured, as I wasn't going for any speed today, I might as well make this a hardship run. Welcome what is thrown at me and outlast it. This is as much a part of distance running as speed. Just keep slogging through.

Which is basically all I did. It got dark just as I got out of Fairmount Park and I finally caught a breeze. Headwind.

11.5 miles on SMB loop in 98:49. Tomorrow morning I wake up and the miles stare me in the face all over again. To paraphrase our president, bring em on!

I got the key to the highway,
Oh Lord, I'm out and bound to go.
I'm gonna leave here running,
'Cause walking's much too slow.
- traditional


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, "The Wire" is the best show on television in the past 20 years: better than The Sopranos (more consistant), Six Feet Under, etc. I have never seen a show that is so nuanced, patient, and smart.

11:53 AM  

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