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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

What should Della wear?
She wore a brand new jersey...

This was part of a longer ditty that my dad used to say/sing. He passed away 12 years ago last week. Happy Father's Day.

I thought of it today as I took the kids up the Delaware River some to go tubing, with the Delaware of course cutting the NJ/PA border. Lazy day in the brilliant sun, with the water warm and relatively high and the air warm but not too hot. Then it was a Mexican dinner in New Hope. As I told Kevin, it was more like I took the kids out for Father's Day. But it was exactly what I needed. And we figured out why there are no seatbelts on motorcycles.

That was my day, a most excellent one. The run was more or less incidental, getting squoze in before we left. 7 mile loop out to Cobbs Creek and back down on Kingsessing, adding a bit on to 43rd St. to stretch it to 7. 60:48. This gives me 60 for the week. Next week I shoot for 70.

Note [not for the faint of heart] - The big toe on my right foot was giving me nagging pain this morning. Like the toenail is crushing up against the toe box. The nail is black. The only other time I remember having something like this it magically cleared away over a day. Hope that is the case again, otherwise I'm going to have to rest it.


Blogger John W said...

Hey Seebo, sorry to the hear the news from a couple of posts back.

A break up is what got me motivated to join the Philly Runners and that is the reason I am reading and posting on your blog now. It's also the reason for a lot of what has happened in my life over the past few years.

See you on the roads.

7:55 AM  

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