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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Horizons

Over to Erin's by 6:15. Weather cool, a bit chilly even. Took off for our usual merry chase around W. Philly for about seven miles and I tacked on almost four at the end of it on my own. Today I mapped the course (looks more like cartographic spaghetti) here.

A combination of good conversation and some exploring. After Erin and I parted ways I went out to 58th and Woodland then turned north to do some exploring. Its a relatively big swatch of SW Philly that lies hidden between the east-west through streets. Enough to keep me busy for a little while doing variations on routes and thereby familiarizing myself with the neighborhood. Learning the city a block at a time. Keeps the run fresh.

Almost 11 miles in 93:38.


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