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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Track Time

Once we rode together in a metal firecracker. - Lucinda Williams

I broke down in sobs while I was running today. First time in a long time. There are various reasons why, but this is not the forum to go into them. But it lets me know that I'm getting back a higher level of intensity.

Took it out to the North Rockland High School track today. I first started running here when I was 13, tagging along with my mom and her BFF Berit. 12 times around the old cinder track, I used to think that was endless. In contrast today I was looking to do 4 reps of 1600 meters (400 meter recovery). I just wanted to get them in under 6 minutes. And that I did: 5:56; 5:54; 5:57; 5:57. I really had to hump it for the last 400 meters on the last two reps to get those times. I met my goal, but I also know that I have work to do.

Took this route to and from the track and, with the warm up striders and recoveries, it was 10.5 miles total in 79:41. Now my legs are shot. And my belly is full of a wonderful dinner. Time for bed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Jesus man, that's a hell of way to know when you're body's ready to kick it into higher gear...keep the faith, all that good stuff.

9:56 AM  

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