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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


As I was preparing to head out this morning, my mom pressed me into service instead to make crepes for breakfast for myself, her, and my uncle John. Since she's fed me well the last few days, it was an offer I couldn't refuse. After all was digested and John, who I only see once in a blue moon, was on his way again, my mom took me to Nyack Beach State Park, and dropped me off, carrier pigeon style, to run home. The first half of the run was along the Hudson River, with cliffs rising up along the other side. Quiet and shady, it was great running. Reminisced about how this was the way I, with Ian Weingold, used to bike to high school back in the day. Then it was out of the park and into Haverstraw, the erstwhile brick-making capital of the world. From there I made my way through Garnerville and back to the pigeon coop. Turned out to be just about 10 miles (85:32), which was what I was shooting for. After the run I snuck into my mom's liquor cabinet and made myself a cold Fishhead. Yum!

For something completely different, PACTC teammate Neill Clark emailed around this article on Mark Uffelman, a cop and a regular on the local Philly racing circuit, who ran down a mugger after the mugger shot Mark in the arm. If I were a bad guy, Mark would be the last cop I'd want chasing me. Way to go, Mark.


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