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Saturday, June 28, 2008

It Could Have Been the Bad Tipper

Met up with John Dubs at the usual Philly Runners meet up this morning. 8 am and it was already apparent that this would be a hot one. John had already proposed this route, which let us run with a group of PR's up to the Strawberry Mansion Bridge, whereupon John and I headed for a Backwards Nipple across Falls Bridge and then up the unfamiliar Midvale Ave hill into East Falls. John's mapped water fountains about as well as I've mapped porta-johns in Philadelphia, and these fountains came in handy for this run. At the point where I felt completely turned around we ended up on the Wissahickon Trail (which is actually paved now) and headed back to the Art Museum. John said he felt strong through the run, wish I could say the same. My ankles and shins really ached, to where it made it hard for me to shift gears on the car ride home. My primary suspects for this are the shoes I was wearing, which were a bit old and perhaps due for retirement. So I probably held John back, and he kept me going. We held an 8-minute pace through the last miles. I'm glad we did this together, or else I may have been out there running still.

I will not glamorize this run. There are always a few long runs in hot humid conditions each summer. John and I talked a bit about the long runs we did as newbies, when finishing 15 miles was far from being taken for granted. We also talked about the now infamous Bad Tipper run, which has to be the worst long run I have ever experienced. Today, when weather conditions were comparable, it was a comfort to at least know that the route was mapped out and Ian didn't have a hand in designing the route. It became a mantra, especially when my lower legs were really aching towards the end, that if we made it through that run then this run was a piece of cake.

I wouldn't call it cake, but I do call it over. 15+ miles (w/ the out and back to the car) in 2:07:36. Taking the train down to DC today to visit my sis and watch Germany in the European Soccer Championship finals tomorrow. So I'll be running from there tomorrow.


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