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Friday, July 04, 2008

Pizza Dreams

Had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning. As I had the day off, this was the day for this. But just lay in bed with my thoughts and then just drifted off into mini-dreams from which I'd wake myself only to lapse into another one. I'm in a Uhaul truck and the more I try to work the controls the more the truck shakes side to side and front to back. The obvious interpretation there is that I'm feeling a bit out of control. I'm trying to get into Tinicum through a black, heavy iron door placed in the middle of a big black facade. I push hard and open the door a crack but not wide enough to get my scrawny butt through... I wake up and realize that all I needed to do was go around the facade and I'd have been in. Maybe they stem from the Italian food I had last night - a gastronomically upscale version of pizza dreams.

From dream diary to running blog, the carb loading did little to power my run this morning. Ran my Lansdowne Sycamore loop. I hope I look as good as that tree when I'm 300. Got out late, and got to run through block after block of Locust Street that was shut down for block parties. Kids on bikes, playing ball, women chatting, guys with guts starting up grills. Crossed the creek into Lansdowne and caught up with the parade. Firetrucks, soldiers, and onlookers sitting curbside in beachchairs. Back into Philadelphia and down Kingsessing Ave and it became block parties again. My favorite part of this is seeing what the people look like who live along the routes I run, who are rarely outdoors in the morning hours that I run by.

Other than that, this 4th promises to be a quiet one, as I spend it with a guy who looks at this day as one commemorating the loss of a bunch of upstart colonies.

10 miles in 85:36.


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