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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Greetings from northern Virginia. Hot and humid. Went out to the local high school track this morning, because it was there and because I didn't know how long I felt like running. 3.5 miles would put me over 70 for the week, anything beyond that would be gravy.

So I went round the oval many many times. To make it interesting and so I wouldn't lose track of laps, I took 1600 splits and made it into a progression run. I tried to keep the increments of reduction low to minimize the effort, with mixed results. Splits were 8:38; 8:13; 8:13; 8:06; 7:44; 7:12; 7:02; & 6:47. Not much effort but alot of sweat. The first four miles were done to Pierce Pettis on the iPod, who sucks, and then last four were to Ryan Adams, who provided a bit more inspiration.

Total 8.5 miles (with out and back to the house) in 69:47. Off to watch soccer. Go Germany!


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