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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Problem with PM Runs

I'd gladly lose me to find you
I'd gladly give up all I got
To catch you I'm gonna run and never stop...

I planned to run a double. I ran a Cobbs Creek/Cedar Ave loop this morning. I was going to head out to the track after work (really, I was) but a better opportunity came up. I won't divulge specifics, but it did involve sunshine and Margaritas. No regrets, an easy day. 3.8 in 34:47.

To make a virtue out of this, my toes have been really gross lately. Again, I'll spare you the details other than to say they're not about to fall off and I am seeing a podiatrist tomorrow morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll call that a bargain, the best I ever got. Great album, I used to have it. Baba O'Reily, Won't Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes, Bargain. Keith Moon was one of the greatest drummers.

10:29 PM  

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