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Monday, July 07, 2008

Long Run

Minutes seem like hours... Hours seem like days.

A long run today. But today the time part of the time-space continuum was stretched like a funhouse mirror, and the miles seemed to really drag on for ever.

Had a very restless sleep last night so I purposefully slept through my 6am run, figuring I'd make it up this evening. Like I always say, any mileage works a lot better in the log than a dnr. Predictably, I didn't feel like running this evening, so I made myself a deal that I would do a Franklin Field loop and push it out west as far as I wanted. Also predictably, once I got going I felt like keeping on, so I headed all the way out west to Cobbs Creek before turning to go home. The result is a river-creek loop that was 7 miles, in 61:59. But it seemed like I was out there forever.

One of the nice things about running in the evening is the opportunity to open a frosty adult beverage upon finishing the run. And then another one.


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