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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catching Up

Been a few days, this post will be to catch up.

This morning I ran a Tenicum. For those who want to read into that, please do. It feels good to be back on that loop. Run was easy but not necessarily slow; I left both the watch and the iPod behind. Got rewarded instead with hearing bullfrogs, which have got to produce among the most resonant sounds anywhere. Otherwise, jungle like conditions both in temperature and in the level of overgrowth everywhere.

Yesterday I ran a double. A easy 5.5 mile Cobbs Creek-Warrington Ave loop in the morning (46:48) so I wouldn't have to worry about getting in mileage on the afternoon run. Then after work I went up to Bryn Mawr Running Co. to do intervals. Bob, the owner, organizes this on Tuesdays and the turnout had to be about 30-40 people. From the store we all run out to a nearby set of athletic fields, where an 800 meter loop is measured out. Bob then announces the workout of the day to be lactate threshold runs - 8x800 with 35 second recoveries. We then divide up into groups by ability and I found myself waffling between the 3 minute and 2:50 groups. 2:50's with that little recovery scared me.

First rep in 2:58 seemed slow, so I kept pushing the subsequent reps a little more to 2:51; 2:50; 2:46; 2:47; 2:49; 2:47; and 2:43. At the end I was hurting but not dying, altogether I surprised myself at how good I felt doing them. I think a big help was doing these reps as a group, having four others to work with once I settled into the 2:50 group helped alot. Having speed work be a social thing is also a novelty for me, I can't remember the last time I did intervals with anyone else. I tried something new and it worked. Worked to where I'll see about making it up there again next Tuesday. Guessing the total mileage to be 6.5.

Monday I took a day off.

Now I'm caught up again.


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