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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bubbly Toes

on the feet of a queen of the hearts of the cards
and her feet are all covered with tar balls and scars
~Jack Johnson

I didn't run yesterday but I did see the podiatrist.

Ira is just too far away to go see for messed up toenails. So I went online to the Blue Cross providers site and started looking. Called up a Univ. of Penn. Hospital System podiatry practice and the earliest they could see me was July 31. Then I called a podiatrist at Mercy Hospital, on 54th and Cedar, and they could get me in the next day. The receptionist asked why I wanted to see the doctor. I told her the clinical diagnosis was "really gross toenails".

Gross toenails are, however, in the eye of the beholder. The podiatrist that fate handed me was really good, took the time to explain why my toenails were the way they were, said the problem was pretty easy to fix, and then went about to fix it. The receptionist came in to see how gross the toenails really were and I could see she was disappointed. She expected grosser. Which is why I could never be a podiatrist.

So the doc fixed me up and said I was free to run. And my eyes got as big as my bubbly toes. He wrote me a prescription for some anti-fungal nail lacquer and so now when I hang out and BS with Kevin after dinner I put cotton balls between my toes and start doing my nails. Well, I don't really use cotton balls.

I haven't been sleeping great lately and couldn't get up this morning. I haven't had a good run since Sunday, so if I didn't get a good run in this afternoon the momentum would really start to reverse. Ran the Bloody Nipple loop after work. I was describing this route today as my growth chart. Each week I can use it to draw a mark on the wall to see the progress I'm making. I had some fuel to burn today, and made the most of it. The 4 MLK miles in 24:53 and the top of the BN in 9:15 on the way to the Belmont Plateau in 17:30. Compare that to what I ran last Thursday, and you'll see why I'm happy.

13.5 in 1:41:44.


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