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Friday, July 11, 2008


Got a new running partner this morning, which doesn't happen everyday. Cute girl to boot.

Helena didn't look too psyched to be there. She came in a stroller, pushed by her dad, Jody. So the Club West Philly census now stands at runners 4; strollers 2. We had a plenary session this morning. Helena has a cute lower lip she sticks out when she's had enough, and that happened at about Woodlands Cemetery. The rest of us proceeded with a pasta loop up to 51st St, and at Baltimore Ave we headed east again as Erin and Iris had enough. That left me and Deirdre.

Purgatory is having to run with Deirdre the morning after doing a tempo run the night before. This is nothing against her company, in fact if I didn't like her company I'd have every excuse to let her go. But instead we kept running through South Philly after we lost the cavalry. Through Point Breeze, which is another one of those pockets of Philly that usually seem folded out of sight, and then back home through Grey's Ferry. I wanted to get in an easy 85 minutes, which is usually ten miles for me. For my sins I got in 85, but this morning it came to 11.5 miles.

And tomorrow me, her and John Dubs are planning to run long. God help me.


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