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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hammering the Nip

It's Thursday, which means I hit the BN loop this morning. I was dreading this workout last night already, and it took me a little longer to get out of the house this morning. Wasn't feeling it this morning but gave it a rip. Didn't do too bad - both segments went a little quicker than last week. MLK 4 in 24:45 (vs. 24:53) and the Belmont Plateau came in at 17:09 while passing the BN checkpoint in 9:14 (vs. 17:15/9:23). This is a marginal improvement but it is an improvement.

Now I've got that legs-been-worked-over-with-a-baseball-bat feel. 13.5 miles in 1:42:08. Feels like I'm training.


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