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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bridge Run

In case you were wondering, Camden is still there. I know to some that may be disappointing, but it's true.

It was another end of the week when I had a few extra miles I wanted to put in. Having to get out on a Sunday morning before the heat gets insane means getting out before the traffic as well. This latter is the key condition for being able to run over the Ben Franklin Bridge.

I ran down Spruce Street from Taney Park to a few blocks past Pennsylvania Hospital. Yesterday's run notwithstanding, there is a ton of money along that stretch. But this money has, in general, aged better than yesterday's money, and the architectural tour of houses on this stretch, interrupted by such buildings as the hospital and the Kimmel Center, keeps my mind occupied on the run out. Its also shady along this stretch. People love their street trees here, in contrast to South Philly where you don't see street trees because people are afraid it will lead to birds shitting on their cars (its true, I read it in the Inky).

You lose that shade once you get on the bridge, but you gain a nice breeze that keeps things cool. Crossing into NJ I passed over Campbell's Field, where the scoreboard was on and read 82 degrees at 9:02.

The way back, along Callowhill and Chestnut Aves, get a bit more dreary and an awareness of how hot it is, and the city's function as a heat island, set in. By the time I got back I was pretty much drenched in sweat. Glad to have an ice cold pitcher of tea waiting for my return. Red Zinger.

Total for this loop was 12 miles in 1:42:09 - 52:45 out to Camden and 49:40 on the way back. 70 miles for the week.


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