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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Red Hot Mess

Got out this morning, made it a block, and my left Achilles tendon was too tender to keep going. Went home and used the time to hang a freshly repainted door.

Saw my podiatrist in what should have been the follow up for last week's injury, which is now fine. He weighed in on this week's injury - inflamed Achilles tendon brought on by overuse. I could have (and did) make that diagnosis. He said rest, stretch and ice - as I knew he would. He also prescribed a week-long course of steroids. He said that should "knock out" the inflammation. A little more aggressive than is my style, but I'll give it a try.

He also gave me an orthotics prescription. He swears by them. I know a few folks here have expressed reservations to me about the benefits of orthotics and the possible harm of aggravating other injuries. The doc said that the Dr. Scholl's orthotic that I've been wearing in my shoe shouldn't lead to an Achilles injury as it raises the heel and thus reduces the tension on the tendon. I'll go get the orthotic, but still have some ambivalence on it.

The more I think about it, the more the overdoing a hard interval workout on a sometimes banked surface with hard turns is probably the main culprit, especially as its only my left (i.e., inside) heel that is affected. So as much as I liked those workouts, I probably should wait until they start working out on the track again before going up to Bryn Mawr anymore on Tuesday evenings.

And meanwhile my running now has officially become, to borrow an expression a good friend likes to use, a "red hot mess". Not much I can do, however. And I think that is the hardest part.

Two blocks, untimed.


Blogger ian said...

As if it wasn't hard enough to keep up with you when you weren't on 'roids. Crap.

5:27 PM  

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