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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Another Tuesday, another Bryn Mawr interval workout. Looked to hang with the big boys again, who were on tap to do 12 x 800 meter lactate threshold intervals, meaning a target time of 2:45 with 30 second recoveries.

I knew I would have a hard time doing these, but I thought the same thing last week and made it through the workout. I don't remember the last time I did more that eight 800 meter intervals, with considerably longer recovery, so I figured if I could hang on for 8 then any additional ones would be blessings.

And that, my friends, is what I did. 2:46; 44; 44; 44; 44; 44; 45; 48 and I was giving it my all on that last one. When I was done with that one I knew I was done. But I latched on to group 3, which gave me about a minute recovery, and then did two more at their pace: 2:58 and 2:56. Those extra seconds made a big difference. They only had ten reps on tap and when they finished I called it a day.

Again, I ran with a great group of guys, a few from last week and a few new guys. Never would have hung on so long without them, and never would have done two extra if there wasn't another group on our heels. Chuck stepped up to group 2 this week, and any consolation I get that I gave my all is quickly deflated by the thought that Chuck did all twelve 800s. Damn him!

But seriously, having that kind of support is also a curse, as it drives me to run harder than I otherwise would. The price for that is that I've been hobbling all night, and my legs feel really wiped out.

My shoes also felt funny. I've been meaning to get new sneaks, and in the meantime I've been running in the lightweight trainers I ran with in Boston, a pair of New Balance something or others. They have relatively low mileage, mostly because I associate bad mojo with them from my Boston death march. I also had a Dr. Scholl's orthotic in there (advice of my podiatrist). The combination didn't work well. Hard to explain but I know shoes that aren't right for my feet when I'm in them.

My left achilles also gave me tsuris today, which either comes from the shoes/orthotic or from the tight turns and banked grass on the course today.

So what to do? Tonight I've been walking as little as possible and feeding my cravings for chocolate milk and cookie dough ice cream. Tomorrow I have to catch an early train to NYC, so if I get to do any running it will be in the afternoon and it will be easy. Then depending on things, I'll try to do the BN loop on Thursday. But right now thats questionable. My training is in a funk right now, and its all I can do to hang on.

Oh yeah, I did 4 miles easy this morning. Franklin Field loop to 49th St. That and this afternoon make for 11.5 miles total for the day.


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