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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Doppel Looper

Back in the days when men were men and women were men and everybody got faster and nobody got injured there was a certain loop that gained a measure of popularity. Legend has it the it had Dutch origins, and those who ran it became members of an exclusive secret society with a nifty handshake. But now nobody runs it anymore and everyone seems to be getting injured. Coincidence?

I am talking of course about the Doppel Looper. Okay, so its a fancy name for two times around the Drives, but it was once a part of local running lore and is now seldom done. Today seemed like a good day to resurrect that fine tradition, as I got a ride out to Lloyd Hall and having two loops meant that I could bail after the first one if things started heading south.

Ran into Adam Hyman before starting (he just finished) and we got to trading info. I updated him on my injury du jour but he then pointed at my right ankle, asking me what that was. The ankle is pain and impairment free, but I was surprised to see how cankled it still was. "That," I said, "was last year's injury."

This summer's injury seemed alright. I've rested it up to today (I took yesterday off in addition to the days I was instructed to, mainly due to logistics) and with the blessing of my podiatrist got the okay to run long today. My left ankle and lower calf felt a bit funny at times, but other than that things felt fine. I turned the two loops into a progression run of sorts, splitting the course into four 4-mile segments and running each faster than the last - 32:09; 30:52; 29:11; 28:29. That and some extra at the beginning and the end made for 17 miles in 2:10:29.

I'll pick up my training where I left off and see how things go. The test will be Tuesday, when the plan is to go back up to Bryn Mawr for speed work on the grass. Then its back to the doc's on Wednesday.


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