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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wet Cheetah

Took my last dose of steroids and figured it was time to get on with my life. Met the usual CWP suspects and took advantage of Iris' sleeping in by running places that strollers wouldn't go. This ended up being mainly out behind the baseball field at Penn and then on a back road along I-76. Then the route morphed into a usual Art Museum loop.

Legs feel fine and even, dare I say, well rested. Imagine that. No excuses not to bump my mileage back up again, I'll wait a bit before bringing some speed back into things. One thing I've noticed, in my hypersensitivity to tendon pain, is how many little niggling incidental pains I run with all the time but just shut out. That's all I noticed today.

With about a mile left to go the sky opened up and it poured. While I'll never do pool running, I am learning to like running in the rain. Even did an extra few blocks to savor the drenched state I was in.

Call it 7 miles, no time.


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