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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Jogging in Place

Quick update on my weekend. This is day 3 of my 7-day course of steroids to speed up the healing of an inflamed Achilles tendon. I've been taking my meds as directed and nothing feels much different but the pain in the heel is gone.

Given that, I took a little spin around the neighborhood yesterday and this morning. Both the same route, down Baltimore to 39th St., through Penn campus and back home. About 1 1/2 miles total each time. Yesterday I went in the middle of the day and I was hyper-aware of each little ache and pain. Had aims to make 3 miles but decided to be prudent and cut it short. Reminded me a bit of when I came back from my ankle sprain in that I felt real uncomfortable and uncertain on my feet. But I know that will pass.

Made it out this morning again and felt a very low grade but definite pain of the inflammatory sort coming from my left heel. So again I cut a longer run short. Nothing serious but I am intent on not pushing things. Just seeing how things are feeling, a reconnaissance run of sorts.

The last two days have felt like jogs. Just getting out and getting some miles in for no particular purpose. It felt like it did when I started running, before I got hung up on races and placing and PRs and the like. Just going out and running. I remember on Mon-Wed-Fri I'd do a four mile loop, and on Tues-Thurs I'd do the one I ran this weekend. A much different time. Someday, maybe this fall or maybe a decade or two from now, this'll be the running I'll be returning to.

Then, in contrast, Ed Maher from Mid-Atlantic USATF sent around the Grand Prix standings at the halfway point. Ten races, and you have to score in 8 of them. Scoring is age graded. I've already missed two, so if I'm going to do anything in this competition I'll have to run in all five upcoming races. Taking that into consideration, me and my rival from 2006, David James, are in a virtual tie for the lead. With some others, including Matt Vavala, breathing down our neck. This sounds like too much fun to pass up.

So mixed feelings this weekend as my Achilles tendon hopefully benefits from the rest its getting. Two times 1.5 miles, e-free (meaning no watch and no iPod).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will he dare to venture into the pool, flotation belt in place, and pool run? If so, will the boredom kill him?

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