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Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday (in case you didn't know)

Beautiful morning to run. The full CWP contingent was again there and we headed west, debating the origins of the term "water bug" along the way. Went back on Warrington and then I ran with Deirdre down to Penn campus, where she kept going and I stopped in my bank for cash and then to the social work building where i had parked my bike yesterday evening. I cycled the last mile home, which is about as close to triathlon training as I'll get.

Saw my doc today. Aside from giving me a pedicure, from the way he talked we are back in the realm of avoiding overuse injuries, which is familiar (if not always well-observed) terrain for me. He prodded around my tendons a bit, and they felt surprisingly pain free given that they are tender even in the best of times. This was the best news from the visit. Otherwise he said come back for a follow up appointment in a month but I don't think I'll schedule it unless something flares up again.

That's the news from Lake Wobegon, where the men are fast, the women are faster (and looser), and all races turn into PRs.

8 miles in 63:45.

PS - Good to hear from you Jim (one of the few remaining folks who appreciates Doppel Loopers). Don't have any other way to contact you since you moved to the 'burbs, so I'll give you a shout here. Get that blog going again.


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