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Friday, August 22, 2008

Trail Least Traveled

Slept a bit late so I didn't get the mileage in that I wanted. On the bright side, I'll be better rested for Sunday's Stone Harbor race.

Got the rare treat of running the first mile with Reba, she pulled me along to an 8:44 split at mile 1, faster than I usually do it on my own. After that I got a good car washing through the interesting part on my way to a short figure 8 loop.

The short figure 8, instead of going around Darby Lake, goes through the recently re-created wetlands. Upon going there a choice of three paths is presented. One has always been there, the second is new and cuts off a bit more, and the third had, up to this morning, been unexplored.

The three barricades put up by the rangers should have told me that just because the path is less traveled doesn't mean it is the quickest way to enlightenment. By the third barricade, the path was overgrown and the sandy dirt was loose - getting into my shoes and making a muddy mix with the dew that was landing on my legs from the undergrowth. But once I get that far in I usually end up plodding ahead instead of ignominiously turning back. Not always the wisest course, but it worked out this morning as I eventually landed on the main path and now know not to take this third path again.

Seems like there should be a metaphor in this. 6.5 miles in 57:47.


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