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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Running Crazy

Last night I went up to Norristown to hang out with my buddy Jeff. He was a running buddy of mine, literally, around 97-98. He's since moved about a bit and we've kept in touch, but had some catching up to do.

No better way to do that than over a run. I didn't realize running was so good up in No'town. He took me on a course that went through the old State (Psychiatric) Hospital grounds, through some fields, and along running paths. Said there was more of that if I ever wanted to go longer.

All the while we chatted away and caught up. After that we hung out on his porch and drank beer and ate bad frozen pizza and continued the conversation.

4 miles or so. I held up well on my first double in a long time. But I'm not pushing it this morning.


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