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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Carbon Copies

Carbon copy runs today and yesterday. Both times I ran the south loop at Tinicum for about 5 miles. This took me through the carwash part, which must have been cleared recently as it was much more navigable, and back on the "boring" part. I tried to incorporate both concentration and contemplation into my run, the concentration part is going to take some doing.

Its a strange new world for me running-wise. I'm struck with how easy this is, in the sense that I'm not pushing anything distance or speedwise. The workout is light and it seems over before I feel like I've really started. This puts more emphasis on other aspects of running. I already talked about the mental part. There is also the beauty around me on these runs. As I try to stay more focused on the present (with mixed success) I become more aware of the trail laid out ahead of me and all that surrounds it. Yesterday the overcast sky infused some gray into all this and today the sky was a bright, clear blue.

Running down a trail in this morning's conditions brings back that feel of September 11 seven years ago. I'll write more on that next time.


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