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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Haven't run since I last posted. Back never got worse but didn't start getting better until yesterday afternoon. Now at least its not a major production to tie my shoelaces.

I had a doc's appt. this morning, mainly to get a prescription for a physical therapist. Didn't get any further insights on what's going on. Got the PT appt. tomorrow afternoon.

I'm getting the desire back to run. Best I can say is that I feel an urge to go out there and run. Not a jones, mind you, but an urge. The latter is borne of the need to fend off withdrawal, the latter seeks to recapture some of the joy running brings me.

I hope to get some miles in this weekend, we'll see what the PT says.


Blogger ian said...

Hey brother! Just catching up on things. Glad you survived the dooring! Glad you're getting the urge back! Glad you're posting!

11:32 AM  

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