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Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm Alive

"Steve, you're alive!" were the first words Deirdre greeted me with this morning. Well, I guess it had been awhile.

Club West Philly was out in full force this morning. We took a pasta loop and I had the same sluggishness that I had been feeling. When we got to 33rd and Chestnut, however, Deirdre and I were catching up and unconsciously pulling ahead of Erin, Jody & Iris. When we got up to 40th Street we had lost them and going at a pretty good clip, yapping away. Got to catch up a bit, got to rant a bit, and got to marvel at how strong I felt. At 49th we extended it to 54th St., then took it south farther than usual to Warrington, and went back down to 43rd before turning around and calling it a day. One of those runs that I didn't want to end. It's been a long time.

End result is I feel on top of my running this morning. I also went to my physical therapy appt, where the obvious was determined, that my back is recovered. We worked on stretching exercises, and perhaps this old dog can be taught a few tricks. But it will take alot of cookies.

7.8 miles, untimed.


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