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Thursday, October 09, 2008


Dropped off M at 30th St Station early this morning and went the extra mile out to Lloyd Hall. Mild, humid morning after last night's rain. Ran a loop around the Drives.

This was a run. I brought my watch along to get a gauge of how things were going. First four miles (Kelly Drive) went by in 32:55; second four (MLK Drive) in 30:36. Not any kind of land speed record but that wasn't the point. Todays run was a regular run - I slapped on my iPod (Scud Mtn. Boys and Old Crow Medicine Show) and set out to do 8 at a comfortable pace. And it happened, more or less effortlessly and painlessly. Based on that I can say, for at least the second and maybe the third time this year, that I'm back. Now comes the hard part, staying back. 8 miles today.

I'm a day late in writing about this but want to debunk the belief that running does not love you back. Two years ago yesterday was the Delaware Distance Classic, a 15k race at which Reba and I met. The best thing that I ever got from running. The race is long finished but our run continues, with a finish line that is nowhere in sight.


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