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Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Took the day off. Not because I had to or I wanted to but because I think its best I do.

Wanted to have mileage in the 40s for last week, ended up logging 54. This overshooting of my target was due to my running 8 on Saturday and then another 14+ yesterday. Deirdre and I went up to Manayunk to meet up with John Dubs on a route that he set up taking us up Forbidden Drive and back through Northwest Philly.

The loop first went through the beautiful and then into the unfamiliar. Forbidden Drive had a fall chill to it as well as a deepening fall palette of foliage. It was also a who's who of local running, with runners from Philly Track Club, the newly rechristened Greater Philly Track Club, Bryn Mawr folks and even some South Jersey folks out there. The November marathons are coming up, and doubtlessly many of these folks were running long in anticipation of a rapidly approaching taper. I feel their excitement, as far as I can tell I feel okay that I am not partaking this year.

Once we hit Northwestern Ave it was up the long G'town Ave hill and into Chestnut Hill, Mount Airy, Roxborough and Manayunk. It doesn't take long here for me to get totally turned around, but this is John's turf and he guided us through. The hills and the mileage from the previous week made for some hurting legs, but the conversation proved a pleasant distraction.

And then we were done. Very much like old times. John's around next week and so am I, hopefully we'll do it again. 14+ miles in 1:56:44.


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