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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sweetbriar loop was on tap for this morning. Haven't run on the Schuylkill bike path since July. Made me realize how much that route has become programmed into my dna in the 10+ years I've been running around there. Taking that route brings me all the warm fuzzy feelings of familiarity. There was a beautiful sunrise. It was good to be back.

Not having any races on the agenda forced me to acknowledge how much, even when I'm training for something on the distant horizon, its the day to day running that is the end in itself.

I just basked in this for most of the run. The renewed newness will wear off, my love of being out running in the early morning will not. It just will be more apparent on some mornings than others. So what I have got today is a picture of sorts, one that I'll carry with me and look at once October has passed and it is January and cold and dark and I wonder what I am doing running that river loop one more time. I'll see this morning, with its beautiful sunrise, and I'll smile.

Might sound corny, but it works.

8+ miles, 70:49.


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