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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunrise and Moonset

Ran the lower part of the Tinicum figure 8 this morning. 4.5 miles as I figure it. Ran as it got light, meaning I got rewarded by my efforts by a beautiful sunrise, and also got to see the full moon setting. Egrets and bunnies galore. Untimed and slow.

I went to a lecture this morning over at Penn by Michael Katz, a well known urban historian on the faculty there. The topic of the talk was an article that came out of his experience as a juror, and he followed that case both for the details of the particular court case and the larger urban context. When I read the article I remember thinking that this kind of thing is what I'd like to write - taking something close at hand and probing deeper into it. My mind wandered a bit during today's talk about the places my daily running has taken me and how I could fit that into a larger narrative.


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