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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Runaround Saturday

What else is new. Usual running errands and going in various directions.

But it started quiet. Got up early and shared coffee with Reba, and then read the NY Times until about 9, which gave me plenty of time to head over to the Art Museum. This wasn't for the sake of the running, but for the sake of re-establishing social ties. Philly Runners was already gathering when I got there, and I felt like a part of the "older" generation, with the crowd consisting mostly of people I didn't know. There were a few folks I reconnected with and also got introduced to a few new folks and ran down MLK Drive, closed for one of the last weekends this year.

About two miles in Deirdre suggested we turn up to Belmont Plateau and take the fire road up to Ford Road, where we could cross Strawberry Mansion Bridge and go around the reservoir, over Lemon Hill and back to the Art Museum (too lazy to map it). This is a great loop, about as long as the Drives and all prettied up with fall foliage. Deirdre and I were the only takers, so we chatted and ran back around to the AM. And I feel like I've been running ever since.

I wrote a friend of mine yesterday, who had run the Chicago Marathon. I didn't realize how hot this year's conditions were. But in the email, explaining my racing season (or lack thereof), I wrote how there was another step, beyond recovery from an injury, that has to occur when you resume running. This is the process of getting back into the rhythm of things, where running becomes like it used to be. This doesn't just happen when you feel better again. And its frustrating because you are unaware of this process, I'll call it re-entry (as opposed to recovery), that has to occur. And it has occurred when you get up and automatically reach for your running shoes, when you're back to hooking up with others, where you again start thinking about future goals, etc. No formula I know of for reaching that point, but when you have reached reentry you know it. And I feel like I'm back there.

Nowhere in the now-voluminous running literature have I seen this mentioned.

Running is fun again. I feel in shape again. And its a beautiful time of year.

Call it 8.5 miles in 69:34.


Blogger ian said...

I know exactly what you mean about re-entry. Really well put.

8:51 PM  

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