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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Run On

I don't remember ever being as afraid to go on a run as I was this morning. However, I gathered the intestinal fortitude, in several respects, to go out and run. The result was favorable but mundane as I ran a Franklin Field loop in mild, drizzly conditions. Mainly looking to stay close to home in case the tummy started to rumble and to see how I felt otherwise. Felt fine and unless things go south today I'll go longer tomorrow. 3.5 miles untimed.

I caught up on several months of Ian's new blog yesterday afternoon. I know he checks in here so I'll save myself an email and wish him all the best for next weekend's NYC marathon. It took me about 3 minutes to catch up because he has taken to writing twitter-style, one-sentence entries about his runs. There is a certain rhythm in reading weeks of that, stripped of the thoughts and observations and self-indulgence that characterize blogs with longer entries, such as this one.

Gets me wondering if I should follow suit. It would save me alot of time, and perhaps keep me more regular, if I could write just one or two sentence a day. It would surely save my readers some time as well. But (and you knew this was coming) I've decided to keep going the way I've been going. And the reason for that is the same reason I started writing this blog almost four years ago. I started writing this because I looked at my old running logs and looked at workout after workout that I didn't remember a single detail about. Not just workouts like this one, which is eminently forgettable, but longer runs, runs with friends, runs in exotic places, etc. I wanted to use this space to color in the how long and how fast with some qualitative details. And as its been months since I've run with any kind of a training goal lying ahead of me, those details have become all the more important.

If readers can get something out of that, and a small groups of you seem to, then I'm happy to share that. But the main reason I do this is to hang on to my runs, in the paraphrase of Plato's statement that the unexamined run is not worth running.

So thats why I blog, now if I can just figure out why I run.


Blogger ian said...

The short form works for me because I have no actual wisdom to impart. You, on the other hand, should keep it long.

5:29 PM  

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