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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sun & Strides

Did my last workout before Boston that can in any way be considered a workout. From here on in its gonna be nothing over 30 minutes.

Nicest weather of the year today. I have a birds-eye view from my office of the quad, where the fraternities and sororities seem to be having some kind of a field day. Right now they are engaged in a keg toss.

Just got back from running w/ JH, whom I haven't seen in a few weeks. We did the usual Sweetbriar loop and I put in 10 1-minute sub 5k pace strides in the middle of it. Playing around. Keeping all of them on MLK added about 2 miles to the loop, so it was 10 in 77:12.

JH made the mistake of asking me questions about Boston, so I prattled on for much of the run about things Boston that he hadn't heard before.

Spent some time yesterday cruising the discussion lists for things to pick up about Boston. I learned that the conventional wisdom on how to run the course is consistent with my strategy. In other words starting out slow and banking energy for the Newton hills is preferable to banking time on the early downhills and hanging on in the latter part of the course.

So if everyone agrees why do so few follow this?

The other buzz is that people are already starting to freak out about the predicted temperature, which has climbed about 20 degrees in the last few days and is now projected to be in the 60's. Maybe its post-traumatic stress from last year.

Serenity prayer, folks.


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