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Monday, April 04, 2005

Back into Darkness

Left the house this morning with the false dawn just peeking over the horizon and a crescent moon still hovering above the rowhouses. Reminded me how much I hate this time change. I feel like I've worked for the morning light we had gained and now it all gets taken back. At least for a few weeks.

I liked running 59th Street so much yesterday that I put a route together to do it again this morning. E & I went north on 42nd/44th and then up Merion St, a backstreet that runs parallel to Lancaster and defines urban grittiness. The Newton style hills start up around Overbrook HS and really let me visualize the conditions on the Boston course. We ran into some interesting stuff along the way, including a former synagogue building with beautiful intricate blue mosaic tilework laid over the doors, and a house with a green street sign out front that said "Hells Angels St." and a custom ironwork gate out front with an "HA" monogram. We tiptoed past that one.

I'm calling it a long 7 in 57:53.


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