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Saturday, April 02, 2005

April Showers

Just finished this blog entry and it didn't post due to a software error. I try to fight the letdown feeling with the stoic acknowledgment that this inevitably happens once in awhile, but it still sucks. The only consolation to losing writing into the ether is that usually upon rewriting it it turns out better than the first time. Well, on to reconstructing.

I woke up this morning to the sound of buckets of rain. I was supposed to run 20 w/ DB, but we decided this was not a good idea and rescheduled it for tomorrow. I then paid bills and was reading the NY Times over breakfast when the rain let up in time to make it down to the Art Museum and hook up with whoever shows up for the 9:30 run. Down there I hooked up with IC and S#37, my first time running with him, and, against my better judgment, let IC set a twisted course through the bowels of Fairmount Park which included every acclivity higher than 10 meters. S#37 hung with us, which is impressive as he said he only runs 2x a week. I wanted to do 10, but the course ended up being 11 in 77:17.

There was only intermittent rain while we ran, and, to my satisfaction, it is now raining buckets again. Today was also the first weekend of the year where MLK is closed to traffic and we could literally take it to the street.

Finally, I forgot till now to recap my March, which went very well by all accounts. Logged 319 miles, the most I've ever logged in a month and only the second time (301 in May '04) I ran over 300 in a month. More importantly, I feel healthier coming out of March than I did entering the month. Looking ahead to this month, my only goal is to run a solid Boston. If I run a good Boston, none of my shortcomings will matter; if I don't run a good Boston, none of my achievements will matter.

This post has been powered by the sounds of Carbon Leaf, a new band (or at least new cd) that M3 left on the PC. And I will back up this post now before sending it into the ether.


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