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Sunday, March 27, 2005

20 Miler #4

Happy Easter!

Not to put any pressure on myself, but today's workout was the biggest workout of this training cycle. Marching orders were to do up to 18 miles, with the last 8-10 at marathon pace. If I could hang on in this one, then I could legitimately feel that I have a shot at a 2:40 in Boston. If not, my confidence would take another hit and I'd waffle more on my Boston goals.

Did the workout today in the City park doing multiple loops around the .76 mile jogging path around the pond. Ran the 1 3/4 miles out there and then 10 loops, negative splitting each of these loops from 6:31 to 4:44 and then aimed to do each of the final 12 laps - 9 miles total - in 4:30 (6:00 pace, a bit under 2:40 marathon pace). Splits were uneven, as goal pace was one I had to keep pushing and whenever I tried to relax a bit the lap time would be off by a few seconds. Fatigue really set in at the end - I noticed that in the last 100 or so meters I could not mentally sustain a kick, I'd speed up and then my mind would drift and I'd have to push again and I'd let down again. . . about 3 or 4 times. Splits were 4:29; 4:34; 4:27; 4:35; 4:28; 4:35; 4:30; 4:31; 4:30; 4:31; 4:37; 4:31 for a total of 54:18 or 6:02 pace. A case of overshooting and still landing in the overall target zone. I'll take that and be satisfied with it. Cooled down with 1 3/4 miles home to make it 20 miles in 2:23:26.

A "cold front" must have moved in last night, as it was breezy and in 50's the morning - perfect to run. I had the park all to myself this morning except for an occasional walker and a group of guys in bright orange "County Jail" jumpsuits who were cleaning up the area. Its nice to have a path like that with a restroom and water fountain readily available every 3/4's of a mile.

Total this week is 68, a little short due to travel and that missed workout. But this workout was a climax, and I'm glad, no relieved that I nailed it. And now my taper starts, although the plan Greg has for me next week still looks like high mileage. Now things start winding down and Boston will be here soon! Oh yeah, I checked a few days ago and saw my number will be 1275. Boston race numbers create a type of pecking order, with the lower the better and this one is good enough to strut around with. . . should I choose to do so.


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