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Sunday, March 20, 2005

20 miler #3

22 miles to be (roughly) exact. I have now obtained the minimum number of long run s required for marathon training. So can I taper now?!

Ran part of the way w/ DB, first time I've run w/ her. She got me warmed up to a 7 minute pace that I held for most of the run. Time was 2:41:52.

Greg's marching orders were to make the course hilly, which is hard to do in central Philly thanks to the best efforts of 19th century civil engineers to literally flatten the hills and use the resulting fill to level out the valleys. But I charted a course that got me just into South Philly, across Center City to the Art Museum, up Lemon Hill, across Girard Bridge, up Lansdowne Dr. hill, down Black Dr. Hill, onto MLK past Falls River Bridge up the hills that lead back to Fairmount Park, down Ford Rd- Chamounix - Belmont Plateau Rd (?) - Belmont, past Memorial Hall and back down Lansdowne Dr. hill, up to Girard, back across the bridge, down to Kelly Dr., up Kelly to the Wissahickon trail, 1 mile into Forbidden Trail (up and down) and back, and then up the prolonged acclivity to Germantown and St. Vincent's church. Whew!

The combination pace and hills left my legs feeling beat up but recovery time was quick. The rain alternated between drizzle and steady for the whole run, but it wasn't bad (coming from someone who is generally rain averse). Just about every marathon cycle has included one long run in the rain, I guess this was it.

The hardest part actually came after the run, when I met the family at St. Vincent's. This being Palm Sunday, there was a procession around the immediate neighborhood of the church, in the rain, and that is when I realized how cold, wet and weary I was. After the procession I got my gym bag out of the car and ducked into the restroom to change, but didn't bring any food or drink. So when it came time for communion I was wondering if they would catch me (or if its a sin) to take multiple trips up the communion line and it was all I can do to just take a sip of the wine. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way home. Not quite Greg's "RUNRR" regimen.

70 miles for the week. Not bad considering this included recovery from Cesar Rodney.


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