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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The First Run of the Rest of My Life

I started today on the training schedule that Greg McMillan, who is now my coach, sent me. One of my favorite things about being coached is that you have to think that much less. You just follow the instructions on what workout to do as they are laid out for you. In fact, the more you think the more in trouble you get yourself into.

So already Greg has managed to do what I couldn't make myself do all year, and that is get me out to the track. 3 x 3000 meters starting at 10:51 and going down to 10:32, with 600m recovery. Another advantage to having a coach is you have to answer to someone else. The only thing I hate more than a track workout is the morning before a noon track workout when the upcoming workout is weighing on my mind. But I got out, on this sunny but blustery day, and nailed the reps in 10:40, 10:31 & 10:26. Nailed those suckers! First two were a piece of cake and I really pushed the last one so that when I finished it I felt about the same as I did coming up that last Cesar Rodney hill.

This workout was huge for me mentally as with it I feel like Cesar Rodney's behind me and I'm back on track for Boston. Another 3 weeks of training hard, and now I have the roadmap to do it.


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