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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Junk Miles

I ran this morning but can't really call them training miles. Cruised down to the Art Museum and met up with the 9:30 crowd, they took off and then me and RW went over to Lloyd Hall for the kickoff of Students Run Philly Style, a mentoring program that works with "at risk" high school and middle school kids to prepare for the Philly Marathon. The training program officially started today with a mile run preceded by alot of speakers and such.

I may have said in an earlier blog that I got involved with this because if I'm gonna work with kids obviously this is the forum for me to do it. But it struck me today, and at the risk of sounding elitist, that this really isn't running. Its getting kids out to train so they could basically last, either running or walking, a marathon. The emphasis then becomes all the self-esteem and values and all that stuff that gets draped around doing a marathon. My knee jerk reaction is to get leery about that kind of stuff, and now that its around something I take very seriously for its own sake. So most of the leaders have not run themselves, and everybody's supposed to finish the marathon come November. I'll stick with it, I have to plan the time I have to give around my work commitments, which constricts my involvement somewhat in terms of how much I can give to this program. These thoughts sound scattered because they are, I'm still sorting them out. It challenges how I approach running, but in the meantime I'll stay committed to helping out as I can. As I often say, we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, the miles were not really training miles, they got me back and forth and two of them were part of the kickoff for the SRPS. This let me take it easy today, the day before Cesar Rodney, but the miles were solely for the log book. I'm cutting this short as we're prepping to go to Marra's for dinner with alot of Philly Runners who are racing tomorrow. Over 20 are signed up for CR. Should be great. I'll write about it tomorrow and hopefully have some pics.


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