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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Intervalis Interruptus

Two workouts today.

The morning workout on 2-a-days are now becoming reconnaissance runs. Went off Mantua-way again and tooled around up to about Westminster and 60th. 5 mi. in 38:33. Ran through the 60th Street business district, which I didn't know existed. Even at 7:15 the area was hopping with folks going to work and school, and the greasy smells of breakfast from a crowded diner gave me a little boost.

Track intervals was on tap for the afternoon run. Due to various meetings I didn't get out until 2:30. Ran 800's, 1st in 2:36 and was booking around the backstretch when some bullheaded guy in a track suit gets in my way and starts saying something. I yell for him to get out of my way and he does at the last second before a collision. I still make the interval in 2:38. On my recovery lap he tells me that the track team is practicing and I need to leave. I was, to put it mildly, pissed and let him know it, but to no avail. With adrenaline still pumping, I decided to morph this track workout into Thursday's 8 mile fartlek workout. I did this by running a variation of the Art Museum loop with an extension to Lloyd Hall for use of the facilities. Total time 65:36 but that was with stops.

In retrospect, it pays to be flexible. I'll do the full track workout on Thursday in Katy, TX, where I will be for the holiday. Thanks to Keyhole online mapping software, which I bought over the weekend, I already located a track there. Had I continued the track workout today, I would probably have crashed in the later reps, as against my better judgment I ate an Italian Hoagie (with everything on it) for lunch. Bad idea. At first it put the "fart" back into fartlek, and then it necessitated my little Lloyd Hall detour, and it gave me stomach cramps to the point of nausea on the last half mile of my run. As IC once said in another context, I now know why you will not find cold cuts on the USATF 's list of banned performance enhancers. At least I don't have to worry about getting subpeonaed.

The first sunny warm Spring day. Lots of folks out in and around Penn campus, including BF and Mr M (T's gym teacher), neither of whom are likely to read this blog, and SW, who might.


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