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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Taper? What Taper?

Here, verbatim, are Greg's instructions for today's run: "90-105' Medium Long Run w/ Pace Change: after 10-20', begin alternating miles of 6:15 and 5:40, alternate 4-6 times."

This is the last thing I wanted to do this morning. It took me half an hour longer to get out of the house this morning, mostly due to my ability to find little things to do in order to put off hitting the road. Once warmed up, I started cranking out the paced miles when I hit the Schuylkill Trail. I nailed that mile (approximate) in 6:23 (running by Biz); and ran the first 3 MLK miles in 5:36; 6:06; 5:42. This satisfied the minimum, I then proceeded to run the first 3/4's of the final MLK mile in 4:20 and slowed it down to finish that mile in 6:01 and then ran marathon pace, as best I could and as best I could tell, up the hill to the northwest of Falls Bridge to the intersection of Conshohocken Ave and Cranston Ave in 7:23. I don't know how far the last stretch is, though I'm sure it is well over one mile, and have set this as a baseline for future efforts. Most of this stretch is a serious hill, and trying to keep marathon pace (I have no idea how well I did at this) left me bogarting most of the oxygen in the vicinity.

If that last paragraph was too geeky, my apologies but I wanted to keep a note of that for future reference. It was a weird run, as the 6:15 pace was just a bit slower than MP, and the 5:40 pace was just quicker than my tempo pace. So I felt off balance the whole time, and still had to hump it on the 6:15 legs when I had to fight just slipping into recovery mode. The result, for the slower pace was that I ran it faster just because MP is what feels familiar to me.

Another nice morning to run. From Chamounix I also ran left over the Belmont Plateau instead of right and directly on to Belmont, as my route has been going. There is no difference distance wise, but Belmont Plateau has much better surface, less traffic, allows for an easier crossing of Montgomery Ave (to get onto Belmont Ave) and I get the vista of Center City from the top of the plateau. Definite improvement on the course.

I googled up a picture of the view which I'll add here (courtesy of phila.html).


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